Is science one of the harder subjects to homeschool for you?

Would it help to have a LIVE instructor who actually knows your child’s name each day?

 Is it important to you that lessons be taught from a Biblical worldview?

Mr. K Science Academy can help. The school year begins October 1st, offering High School Biology and Chemistry.

Reserve a daily LIVE science instructor for the high school student(s) in your life. 

The Science Adventure Begins Oct. 1st!

The 2022 – 2023 School Year at Mr. K Science Academy will run from October 1st to May 31st.

For questions, enrollment info, and to contact us, please click here.

In The News! Mr. K Science Academy’s Field Trip to the Creation Museum in Lexington, KY is in the Planning Stages. 

Our “Give, Send, Go” Campaign is Coming Soon!


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