During the 2020-2021 school year, millions of families were thrust into homeschooling SUDDENLY.

Science can be a challenging subject to homeschool.

Mr. K Science Academy can help.

FIRSTLY, Mr. K Science Academy produces an ongoing  FREE  “Course on How to Teach High School Science.”

This video series pours 14 years of teaching experience into YOUR hands to use with your own students, children, classroom, or homeschool group. Learn what does and doesn’t work to find the right techniques for YOU to use in communicating the sometimes abstract concepts of science to a new generation.

SECONDLY, Mr. K Science Academy teaches online science courses for homeschooling families. A NEW round of classes begins in January 2022

So, whether your student attends one of Mr. K’s personal online courses, or whether you find good ideas to use in your own homeschool environment in our FREE “How to Teach Science At Home” Course, Mr. K Science Academy is here to help!

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