How Does Mr. K Science Academy Work and How Is It Different From Other Homeschool Programs?

Students access LIVE lessons with Jon Klement, certified high school science teacher, for the subjects of high school biology, chemistry, and physics.

Students have a teacher who knows their names and who thinks about their individual progress just like a teacher would in a brick-and-mortar classroom in-person.

Assignments are turned in online, involving both written assignments as well as occasional video presentations, including a Science Fair Project!

How Does My Child Get High School Credit, Generate a Transcript to Apply to Colleges, Etc.?

Mr. K Science Academy is a homeschool support service. Homeschooling families keep track of science lesson hours to generate transcripts, and they save copies of assignments for student portfolios, just as they normally would to satisfy the homeschooler requirements of their particular state or territory. If there is a particular requirement in your state or territory that you may have a question about, please contact us.

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