Save Time and Money by Earning College Credits in Advance While Still in High School!

What is CLEP and Why Would it be Good for my Family?

CLEP (the College-Level Examination Program) is accepted at over 2900 U.S. colleges and universities. CLEP is run by the CollegeBoard, the same organization that runs the AP (Advanced Placement) Program. CLEP offers 34 exams that cover intro-level college course material, including Biology and Chemistry. With a passing score on one CLEP exam, one can earn three or more college credits, while still in high school!

This can get your student ahead in life by getting closer to graduation faster, especially if he or she passes multiple CLEP tests in multiple subjects. By needing less years of college in total, your family saves significant money.

How Will the "90 Days To CLEP" Program Work to Prepare Students for CLEP?

 The Courses Will Be Intense and Rigorous!
  • There will be two courses: Biology and Chemistry.
  • Students can enroll in just one or in both courses. If enrolling in both courses, the second course price is discounted.
  • Mondays through Fridays there will be LIVE webcam instruction, including laboratory demonstrations. Monday through Friday LIVE instruction will last between 60 to 90 minutes per day, just like traditional, in-person college classes.
  • Just like a traditional college instructor, Mr. K will post “office hours” in which he guarantees to be available for webcam conferencing for more face-to-face help than merely emailing or messaging, although emailing or messaging Mr. K is fine, too.
  • All students will have the opportunity to belong to a social media Study Buddy Cluster, so that they may have access to peer companionship and peer help for the duration of the course.
  • Study Buddy Clusters will be assigned Cluster Activities (mostly on weekends between the weeks of regular Monday through Friday sessions.)
  • Mr. K will appear online during some weekends for Special Weekend Presentations such as taking students live on-camera for a virtual field trip, etc.
  • Students will be given a list of materials (especially the Chemistry class students, but a little bit in Biology) that can be purchased in local stores or on common, mainstream websites such as Amazon for performing some laboratory exercises at home. All home labs for students to perform will use locally store-bought materials that are already common household chemicals in many homes. All labs that use any substances requiring more safety equipment and safety procedures will be done only on webcam or video by Mr K.
  • As the end of 90 Days draws near students are encouraged to enroll themselves with the CollegeBoard for a CLEP testing date at a CELP testing center. The cost of this is charged by the CollegeBoard and is not part of the Mr K Science Academy enrollment fees. The CollegeBoard CLEP website is here.
  • Students will be graded on assignments and receive a grade so that they may 1.) assess how they are doing understanding the course material, and 2.) have some form of grade record if they are using this course for homeschool purposes.

Is the Summer 2021 Program Just "Teaching to the Test" or is it a Complete Science Course?

With 90 days, Mondays through Fridays, plus Cluster Activities and Special Weekend Presentations, the “90 Days to CLEP Program” is designed to cover the material of the courses, Biology and Chemistry, thoroughly, beyond simply “Teaching to the Test’. Students will emerge on the other side of the 90 days having taken a complete science course.

What Advantages Are There to Joining One of the "Early Clusters"?

As mentioned above, the courses will be intense, rigorous, and college level, moving quite fast. Early Cluster work will provide the time to get to know students more individually, to fill in gaps they may have in their science knowledge from regular high schools, and to get to meet peers and make more solid friendships in class BEFORE the class takes off like a rocket on June 1st. If you’d like your student to join one of the Early Clusters that will meet and begin studies before June 1st to make sure they are ready to begin taking off at the college level once the “90 Days to CLEP” begins, simply indicate on your application that you’d like to be considered for an Early Cluster. 

How to Apply for Acceptance into the "90 Days to CLEP" Program.

How Much Does It Cost and How Much Money Will My Family Be Saving?

Passing a CLEP test in Biology or Chemistry can replace having to take the equivalent course at a college or university. Depending on the credit-hour costs of the particular university, savings can be substantial, especially if your student passes other CLEP exams as well. The base cost of the  “90 Days to CLEP” Course for Summer 2021 is $300. If a student wishes to enroll in BOTH Biology and Chemistry (which would make for a CHALLENGING summer), the cost of the second course is reduced to $150. Costs for membership in the Early Clusters groups are dependent on how “early” one joined an Early Cluster. 

Comparing the cost of the “90 Days to CLEP” Program to the credit hour costs of college campuses, the exact amount of savings will obviously vary from campus to campus. Many families who have done CLEP have saved thousands when their students take several CLEP tests in lieu of regular classes. CLEP students have also reported on the value of being able to prepare for the CLEP exams at home without the distractions of regular college campus life. Students who have taken several CLEP tests may eliminate a semester or even an entire year from the time that it takes to get their degree and save the housing and other expenses of a semester or year of college.

This summer, Mr K Science Academy is offering two CLEP Prep classes, Biology and Chemistry, a great start in CLEP for science, medical, engineering, and tech oriented students.